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Mechanical Mods and Safety - A Simple Guide

Atomizer Resistance Tester(Ohm Meter)

With the growth of the vaping industry, there are many new tools and accessories. More experienced vapers have started using mechanical mods. Mechanical mods are a simple tube with a rechargeable battery. The current in the battery reaches the atomizer or cartomizer and causes the coils to heat up and vaporize.

A modis said to durable and easy to use. However, it is important that you understand how a mod works before you start using one. When purchasing a mod, you want to be sure of a few things.

First, make sure there is a lock for the firing pin. Many mods require an unscrew in order to lock the firing pin. This is important so that your mod does not continuously fire. Next, you want to check for vents. Vents are vital for a mod because they let gases escape.

Finally, check your battery voltage. If your battery runs low too often, you could shorten the battery life. You also don’t want to draw too many amps because that could be potentially dangerous. You also do not want to over or undercharge your battery. Check on the charger approximately every 15 minutes until you see that the battery is fully charged. If you overcharge your battery, it can cause failure.

Many people who become experienced in vaping turn to mechanical mods for a stronger flavor and higher vapor production. However, it is recommended that you are either experienced with mods or have performed enough research to understand mods and how to stay safe with them.

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